Server cabinet RDA


Welded server cabinet, IP20, capacity 1800 kg.

The RDA data cabinet is intended for servers and active equipment for computer networks. It is usually supplied with a perforated door to provide maximum cooling. It is possible to improve cooling by installing fan units to the ceiling or to the base section of the RDA cabinet. Cable entries above 19“ vertical rails are covered with break-out blanking panels and also provide with an easy connection of installed technologies into a larger unit.
Slightly different versions ( A3, A7 ) are developed for „Data centers“. The difference is given by screwed side panels, cable entries and hole in the floor of cabinets.

Loading capacity 1800 kg

The RDA data cabinet has a reinforced construction and it is made of thicker material. Also 19“ vertical rails are designed for a higher loading capacity. A version with depth over 800 mm has a central pair of vertical rails as a standard solution.

Triton handles

We manufacture our own handles for the free-standing cabinets. By changing the plastic module (not included), a traditional or semi-cylindrical lock insert can be used. Patent: PUV 2013-27443

Fringe edge

Supply includes 1 m

Wider body rails

Wider rails in the body of a cabinet are intended for an additional installation of 19“ power management panels, which afterwards do not occupy space within the cabinet. Thanks to this smart solution of gripping, it does not block sliding servers even for the 600 mm cabinet type. In addition to this solution the A5 version (at the end of the cabinet code) is characterized by break-out blanking panels for possible cable input and management in between neighbouring cabinets.

Cooling air intake (A3, A7)

In the bottom of the cabinet is large opening for cable entry and the cooling air from beneath the raised floor. These models RDA (A3 and A7) are built directly on the floor without nivelation feets.

Power distribution unit inside of cabinet frame

19“ power distribution units Triton can be mounted using the supplied brackets into the space inside the frame, so does not occupy valuable space for equipment.

Product variants

Description, usage

• 19‘‘ free-standing cabinet with IP20 protection
• Cabinet includes 4 sliding vertical rails for device mounting (6 rails for cabinets deeper than 800 mm).
• Cabinet construction:
– Welded steel frame with removable side panels fixed by locks
– Single or double doors in variants fully-metal, perforated (80 % and 86 % air permeability) or glazed with safety tempered glass 4mm. They can be on the front or back of the cabinet.
– Preparation for installation of power distribution units to the frame
– Preparation for joining the cabinets together
– A5 version has a breakout cable entries in the frame for the cabling between cabinets
• The maximum recommended load of cabinet is 1800 kg, maximum load of the door is 20 kg.
• Min. thickness of the surface finish is 65 µm.
• The racks are designed for installation of data and telecommunication equipment and distribution systems.
• The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors…) are bonded
with patch cables that have to be properly fixed and inserted into connectors throughout the period of use of the cabinet.
• There is one M8 screw placed on the bottom part of the cabinet to connect the bonding.
• Can be mounted on castors and levelling feet.• Can be mounted on castors and levelling feet.

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• Operation environment:
– Office
– The cabinet is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can influence negatively the functionality of the cabinet and the mounted devices (e.g. environment with danger of explosion)

• Must be protected against:
– Mechanical damage
– Improper handling
– A different usage than the cabinet is intended for

• Improper handling is especially:
– Overloading (maximum recommended load exceeding)
– Device installation that can influence negatively operation and function of the cabinet or the installed equipment
– Change of the construction or design of the cabinet


• To ensure the maximum recommended load, it is necessary to distribute the load equally.
• Place the cabinet on a flat floor and adjust any differences using the levelling feet.
• To avoid dust penetration in the case where cables lead through some of the cable openings, it may be sealed with a blanking panel with a brush or secured by a plastic frame (both are included in the delivery).


• All parts are made of recyclable materials and after decommissioning the cabinet, it must be disposed of according to relevant regulations.


• This product is certified with TÜV SÜD Czech, number of certificate 11.398.138, date 14/02/2018 and is fully in accordance with ČSN EN 62208 ed.2:2012(EN 62208:2011).